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Aeromexico Passport Rules

Aeromexico Cargo requires a health certificate issued within 10 days of arrival. Proof of Rbies vaccinations (dog or cat) and animal identification documents for the country your pet is travelling to (international travel only) are also required. The requirements for lawful permanent residents of the United States are not changed by the implementation of the HIA. Legal permanent residents must still present a valid permanent resident card. A passport is not required. All U.S. citizens and non-immigrants from Canada, Bermuda and Mexico departing from or entering the Western Hemisphere from the United States must have a valid passport, a NEXUS card (when using a NEXUS kiosk departing from a designated Canadian airport), a merchant seafarer document (for U.S. citizens traveling with official stores) or a military identification card (for members of the U.S. armed forces, who travel by official order). Note that children must also present their own passport if travelling by air. The information published here is a guideline for airline pet policies for Aeromexico. More details about the airline`s pet policies, as well as information about pet passes, are available from PetTravelStore.com at minimal cost.

We also carry all the equipment and accessories you need to travel with your pet. Same day shipping Monday through Friday until 4:00 p.m. EST. If your small dog or cat meets the requirements listed in Aeromexico`s pet policy to travel in the cabin, you will need an airline-approved pet carrier. The carrier must have a waterproof floor, have space for your pet to get up and turn around, must be securely attached and have adequate ventilation. The purpose of the information made available to the public is to accompany our passengers and potential customers in the early stages of the design and preparation of their trip. This information is provided by Smartvel (subject to the conditions available on www.smartvel.com/terms-and-conditions/). Likewise, “Timatic®” belonging to IATA is one of the sources of information that grants Smartvel the rights to use this information for this website (all rights reserved and subject to its terms and conditions available on www.timaticweb2.com/userterms. We cannot guarantee that this information is accurate or will be updated at all times. Therefore, we always recommend that our passengers contact the appropriate national immigration and customs authorities directly (border control authorities via the applicable standards (Aeromexico) are not responsible for the decisions taken, based on the information provided. If, at any time (origin/transit/destination) during the transport of your pet, the daytime temperature should be below 7°C (45°F) or above 29°C (85°F), your pet will be refused carriage as checked baggage.

The dimensions of the carrier vary depending on the aircraft serving the route. (read more) One pet is allowed per passenger. Porters must be safe, allow your pet to stand up and turn around, and have a waterproof floor. The number of pets allowed in the baggage hold is limited depending on the type of aircraft, so you should contact Aeromexico before booking your ticket to make reservations for your pet. Check the requirements of your destination when traveling abroad. You must inform Aeromexico that you are travelling with a pet before making your own reservation. You must be an adult passenger and your pet will be credited to your carry-on baggage. If you are travelling as checked baggage, check your pet in an IATA-compliant pet box at the passenger counter at least 90 minutes before departure, at which time you pay the transport costs. To travel as checked baggage, the weight of your pet and its carrier must not exceed 99 pounds, otherwise your pet will pass through Aeromexico Cargo. Metal fittings should be used to tie the top and bottom half of your pet`s box together.

Click here for the box requirements. Only tests performed in laboratories, hospitals or pharmacies that meet the above requirements will be accepted. Get preferential costs and get your results within 24 hours in Spanish and English. Learn more about exclusive benefits for Club Premier partners. Read more Aeromexico transports dogs or cats on flights lasting 6 hours or less. Get preferential costs and delivery times for your COVID-19 test. Aeromexico will transport service animals under 60 pounds trained by professionals to help customers with disabilities free of charge. Service animals must wear a muzzle (if necessary) and sit at the passenger`s feet. A certificate attesting that the animal has been trained by a professional pet assistance facility must be presented to assist a person with a disability. Can my pet fly with me in the cabin? Yes (some flights) Can my pet fly with me as checked baggage? Yes (some flights) Can my pet fly as manifest (air) cargo? Yes, one pet is allowed per carrier and one transport aircraft per passenger. Pets must fly on the same flight as their Oweners. Pets must be in good health and should not be subjected to medical treatment.

Aeromexico requires that all forms required for the destination country be presented at check-in if you are travelling abroad. An international health certificate and a vaccination certificate are required. Only tests that include the following are valid: The following breeds are not allowed to fly as checked baggage, but are accepted as air cargo as long as the temperatures are not excessively high: Do you need an IATA-compliant pet crate? Do you already have a box? Do you need accessories for your box?. Get your PCR results on the same day in three languages; Home service. More information Pets must be at least 16 weeks old to travel in the cabin. We seem to have a hard time displaying the requested information. Remember that in accordance with Mexican regulations, the use of face masks is still mandatory on all flights operated by Mexican airlines. Aeromexico is Mexico`s largest and oldest airline, operating more than 600 daily flights to more than 90 cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, India, the Caribbean, North and South America, including the United States, Canada and Mexico. Aeromexico Cargo serves cities in Mexico, the United States, Canada, the EU, Japan, Central and South America. Aeromexico transports puppies and kittens for 16 weeks and is vaccinated against rabies.