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Aim Legal Expenses

This is included in your membership if you renew from 1 March 2021. Coverage is detailed in the Essential Business Legal Solutions Annex and provides professional legal and financial support. ARAG is one of the leading providers of legal protection with a wide range of legal protection and assistance products and services. Successful law firms and lawyers use the Lawyers` Information Manager (FIU®) to handle a large number of cases and communicate with clients in a timely manner. This means that with AIM®, you can instantly collect, store, organize and retrieve accurate information. Specific and fair fees for all properties and leasehold properties. AIM® allows all users to share all case information from a database and product and access it instantly. And lawyers and other users have instant access to their own assets managed through the My Business dashboard. Managed items are organized by tabs or pop-ups for quick access and display.

Information processing is controlled by assigning permissions at the user level. The content and layout of the screen are customizable and can be easily formatted to fit fixed practice areas and requirements. The main benefits of AIM ARAG Essential Business Legal coverage are that AIM® supports two all-in-one management views®. The Case view contains information that can be shared across the firm, while the Lawyer view contains information that is relevant to each user. When a user calls the Material view, all managed items associated with that view are loaded for quick and easy access. When lawyers open their point of view as a lawyer, they have instant access to all their assets under management. Fixed and floating fees on the company and everything. Please find the wording of the Essential Business Legal Solutions Policy here 3rd Floor Broadstone Mill Stockport Cheshire SK5 7DL Phone: 729310 We would appreciate any feedback you may have on the service. When contacting ARAG, make sure you have your police data handy.

To help you address the many challenges your business faces, AIM has partnered with ARAG plc to cover legal fees. AIM® combines powerful and reliable applications with best practices to manage many law firm articles, including:.