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Are Armored Cars Legal in Ontario

If you want to learn more about armoured vehicles in Canada, contact us today to find out how we can help. Armored cars are no longer reserved for large corporations and large cash carriers. Politicians, celebrities, and anyone else who might be in the crosshairs of infamous characters can benefit from our ballistic protection and enhanced security. If you are a public figure and are concerned about your safety or well-being, we can provide both protection and safety by driving one of our armored cars. 3. Subject to paragraph 4, passenger cars, three-wheeled vehicles, multi-purpose passenger cars, trucks and buses may not be equipped with headlights in accordance with the practice recommended by CAS J3069, Adaptive High Beams (June 2016), as required by subsection 1 or 2, except that the lights cannot be turned on or off by pedal. You can be sure that every armored car or truck that leaves inKAS ®` facilities has successfully passed strict quality control protocols and is ready for the road to delivery. According to Armormax, one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of armored vehicles, it is not illegal for civilians to own a bulletproof car or an armored car. Depending on national and local laws, it may even be legal to take additional countermeasures against a civilian-owned bulletproof car. INKAS® uses the latest line of CNC cutting and bending machines supplied by the world leader in steel processing systems. The implementation of the latest laser cutting and bending technologies, which do not affect the metal structure, means that we can provide armored vehicles that guarantee safety.

In addition, we offer more than just ballistic protection. We can install any protective equipment to protect against a ballistic attack or fire. So you can now be reassured when you send your team, family, friends or other people in an armored vehicle of The Armored Group. INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is a leading Canadian company specializing in the development and production of a wide range of armoured vehicles, including executive SUVs, bulletproof luxury sedans, specialty vehicles, crew carriers, CASH vehicles and others. Since 2000, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has been supplying armored vehicles to banks, law enforcement agencies, businesses and individuals around the world. The company`s sales offices and after-sales workshops worldwide are located all over the world. 1.2. Where an incomplete vehicle manufacturer assumes legal responsibility for the conformity of the completed vehicle with the requirements of those requirements, the provisions relating to phased vehicles referred to in points 6.1 to 6.6 shall not apply. INKAS® Armored manufactures a wide range of armored vehicles and bulletproof cars, including armored SUVs, luxury cars and sedans, tactical vehicles, cash vehicles, armored buses and trucks. INKAS® also produces special armoured vehicles for its commercial and institutional customers worldwide.

For a nation with a proud peacekeeping tradition, Canada`s burgeoning trade in making conflict-prone armored cars may seem strange to some, says Maizlin, the former president of Conquest. INKAS® enables worldwide delivery of armoured vehicles and bulletproof cars to all major seaports at competitive prices. Safety is our top priority, and all vehicles are secured in 20 or 40 foot containers at INKAS facilities® prior to shipment. At INKAS®, we ensure the smooth flow of the entire export process and work diligently to meet the unique needs of our customers. Air freight is therefore also available on request. This armored vehicle function is also known as “transparent armor” or “ballistic glass” or “bulletproof glass.” While there isn`t a single glass in the world that can be completely bulletproof for each type of attack, ballistic glass is made in different thicknesses so it can withstand attacks from high-caliber assault rifles, sniper rifles, and even heavier artillery like RPGs. For better, worse or worse, it is illegal in Canada to remove surface runoff from your neighbour`s property. For this reason, it is illegal to own a tank in Canada. Conquest founder and former president William Maizlin insists the sale was legal and negotiated through an intermediary. How this ended up in Yanukovych`s hands is a mystery. The commercial transportation of cash and other valuables can be a risky undertaking.

Without increased security measures, the transport vehicle can become an attractive target for criminals. So, if you want to move a large amount of money or other valuables, do not take any risks, contact the Armored Group immediately. Our fleet of new bulletproof vehicles for sale or rent offers the best armoured transport solution in Canada. In many cases, an attack can take the form of a vehicle used to hit another. To mitigate these types of risks, we can install grille and bumper protection devices that provide additional reinforcement on the edges of the armored vehicle and protect key components behind the grille such as the radiator and engine assembly. Thanks to this feature, the armored vehicle can also remove debris or vehicles blocking the road, with minimal obstruction of its speed, control and overall reliability. Our engineering team focuses on the quality production of armored vehicles and is constantly looking for ways to increase production efficiency, vehicle comfort, reliability and cost awareness. Every vehicle manufactured by INKAS® is subject to strict quality control standards and ensures that all parts go through the OEM diagnostic process. You can schedule a visit today to learn how we continually push the boundaries of the industry and set international quality standards for armored cars and armored trucks around the world. 6.

Instead of the headlamps referred to in subsection 1 or paragraph 2. Passenger cars, three-wheeled vehicles, multi-purpose passenger cars, trucks and buses may be equipped with headlights in accordance with United Nations Regulation No. 123, Uniform provisions for the approval of adaptive front-lighting systems (AFS) for motor vehicles, as amended. At INKAS, ® we only use certified materials for our armoured vehicles. All our components are tested by independent laboratories as well as by our qualified staff at the shooting range. We have obtained certifications from many international organizations to establish ourselves as a reputable and established manufacturer of armored vehicles. Criminals are always looking for simple targets. Some are more meticulous than others and will exploit your vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to your transportation. There are no weak points in our armoured vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with the best safety precautions that meet the highest safety standards in Canada. Our armoured vehicles offer complete protection to employees, customers and their precious cargo. You can count on us to solve problems related to the transfer of your money or valuables, tracking its movements and the safety of cargo and employees.

Let us take care of the safety of your valuables so you can focus on your business. The additional weight varies depending on the armor material used, the type of vehicle, the level of protection and the weight of the vehicle`s original chassis. We strive to always find the optimal option to maintain the performance and maneuverability of our armored vehicles, regardless of the extra weight. Potential importers of tanks must prove that the weapons have been deactivated. A tank in the United States can have operational weapons if the owner has a federal license for destructive equipment and state laws do not prohibit it. Tanks are usually not legal on the road, so owners usually drive them off-road or on other private property. During a test drive of the Knight XV in Toronto last week, oncoming cars swerved to make room when the car`s 6.8L Ford V10 engine growled. The main reason was to help Canadians who are building their own cars as a hobby.