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Are Flip Plates Legal in Uk

But currently, it`s legal to sell the devices – but drivers can only be penalized if they are used to disguise their license plate. Stealthplate is transparent to the naked eye. Once it`s in place, it`s impossible to see it`s there unless you`re directly against it. In the UK, it`s illegal to cover your license plate with anything, even though it could be completely transparent. However, we have more than one police officer among our clients and they tell us that they have no idea what they could sue a user for. A “construction and utility offense” is pretty much all they can imagine. They are of the view that this is not a justifiable crime and that it would simply be necessary to replace the license plate with a formal review of the subsequent replacement by a TÜV testing organization and perhaps (but only perhaps) a fixed penalty. Speedflip can be attached to any brand of motorcycle or car, and due to its unique design, Speedflip can be installed to rotate the license plate up or down according to the rider`s tastes. Speedflip has a turning force of 15 kg, it is also tested at 190 mph, be warned of cheaper versions on the Internet, if it does not have our logo on it, then it is not the original Speedflip. Stealthplate was originally developed for the standard EU license plates we use in the UK – 520 x 110 mm in size.

However, we also offer the following sizes for other countries: Stealthplate is self-adhesive and requires a considerable surface area to which the adhesive can adhere. Pressed metal plates with raised letters and numbers represent only the raised surfaces to stick and leave gaps that can fill with dust, dirt and condensation. Most customers who have pressed metal plates use readily available plate covers and glue Stealthplate to them. For example, in the United States, try: www.autozone.com/license-plate-and-accessories/license-plate-cover Suitable for standard rectangular license plates: (20.5″ x 4.3″) There are many different ANPR systems on the market. Not all of them are infrared. Due to the volume of traffic and the number of speeding offences, IR and ANPR are most often used to avoid the tedious verification and recording of license plates by a cameraman. Mobile carriers use ANPR, but of course they also have an operator in them. If the operator is doing their job, keep an eye on the traffic and notice that your sign did not appear on the ANPR, but read and noted your registration, you can still get a ticket.

We do not recommend using Stealthplate on the street as it could be illegal in the country where you live. If you`re trying to get around tolls, you may be breaking laws regarding fraud, so think about it carefully. In fact, we make them a few millimeters smaller than these sizes because it makes it easier to fit. We also offer standard stealth plates of British motorcycle size at 226 x 176 mm. (England) I`m thinking of buying a license plate pinball machine for the front of my car. My plan is to always show the plaque on public roads, when I park or drive, but hide it for photos and things like that. Basically, I want a clean car with no holes in the front bumper, but to keep the car legal. Easy-to-follow instructions ensure that no intensive knowledge of the car or electricity is required to install and activate the Speedflip.

The installation can be completed in just 15 minutes, making the Speedflip a great start for all inexperienced vehicle modifiers. 380mm wide x 105mm high 372mm wide x 132mm high 440mm wide x 140mm high 302mm wide x 150mm high – standard size for US license plates Other designs simply turn the license plate into a flat position – so careless drivers can avoid cameras. “Drivers are required by law to post their license plates at all times. Anyone who does not do so is committing a crime. Thousands of British motorists have put James Bond-style blankets on their license plates to illegally avoid cameras, it has been claimed. Disclaimer: The installation of this device in a vehicle is considered legal. Any use of the Device on public roads is at the user`s discretion and Speedflip and its employees will not be responsible for any prohibited uses as defined in the local law in which it is used. We recommend that you use this device only for exposure purposes. Sales records on eBay show how 50 “stealth license plates” were sold to UK drivers in July and August. Stealthplate was developed in the UK for use on the smooth acrylic licence plates used here and for the most common ANPR systems in the UK. However, Stealthplate finds customers all over the world and there are not only many variants of license plates and license plates around the world, but also many ANPR camera systems used by all kinds of “authorities”. We know you have questions.

Videos show how drivers can use the device to cover their license plates by pressing a key fob button that triggers the electric hood to scroll down. Speedflip is the leading folding license plate on the market today. Find out what thousands of other car enthusiasts already know!  — How to hide your license plate anytime, anywhere! Speedflip is a simple device that modifies your vehicle to give it a secret agent feel by allowing the driver to flip the vehicle`s license plate at the touch of a button. A second pressure brings the plate back to its original position inside (0.09 sec.) A single actuated switch can even activate the front and back plates with a single tap! We also have a switch version for motorcycles or cars! It is also universal worldwide, making it suitable for all sizes of license plates and vehicles.  Every Speedflip comes with a 12-month warranty! Internet search data in the UK also shows thousands of queries per month, for stealth license plate covers, license plate covers, and license plate flows. He said: “It`s not illegal to have a car, but it all depends on how you use it. We sell a lot to drivers in the UK. I can`t advise you on how to use the device. By pressing a central lock-style key fob, a black electrical cover quickly falls on the license plates and blocks it from radars and parking attendants.

Auto attorney Nick Freeman — nicknamed Mr Loophole — said he was currently involved in two charges against drivers caught using the blankets, estimating that “a few thousand” license plate fins had been used on the roads. Speedflip is a “registered design” Any attempt to copy the design will result in legal action. TLDR: Is it illegal to have a pinball machine/plate hider, even if the plate is still visible on public roads? Most British and European license plate covers are made in Russia and shipped worldwide, while other sellers make them at home. An Interior Ministry spokesman said: “It is a criminal offence not to display or disguise a license plate under the Excise and Vehicle Registration Act 1994.” Lawyer Nick Freeman — nicknamed Mr Loophole — warned that more and more drivers are using the devices, becoming “a real problem”. What you can do is use your TV`s remote control to demonstrate the effect. Most TV remotes use IR LEDs and if you hold Stealthplate in front of your TV remote, it blocks the signal and does not toggle your TV. But a Lithuanian who sold them on eBay boasted that 80% of his customers are from the UK. The only way to see Stealthplate is if you have a camera system that mimics IR-ANPR systems on the road. How much physics do you remember from school??? “The sentence would be an immediate prison sentence with sentences ranging from at least three or four months to two years.

Cameras that use a bright visible flash that you can see will NOT be blocked by Stealthplate. That`s because these cameras don`t use the infrared range of the spectrum to take an image, they use “ordinary” light that you and I can see. Select the desired size from the shop selection. Sign up for the latest news from James Bond and De No Time To Die and join fan club 007 at All stealth records are for “off-road” use only, like when you`re exhibiting your vehicle at auto shows, track events or photo shoots. He said: “I`m involved in a number of cases right now with clients who have used them. We process thin sheets of polycarbonate to get the blocking properties of the stealth plate, and then we laminate a double-sided adhesive on it so you can stick it on your sheet. It is possible to cut Stealthplate with a powerful pair of scissors. However, you need to be careful to get clean edges for cuts, otherwise rain and road salt can penetrate and corrode the optically active material.

If you contact us, we can probably make a plate the size you need. General purpose digital cameras (like those on your smartphone) are designed to watch a scene in color like the human eye does. Stealthplate can`t block these cameras without blocking the view of the human eye, and it`s designed to be as transparent as possible to humans for obvious reasons. Entry and exit systems controlled by the ANPR, gas station monitoring systems and others must have a “standard” algorithm – a method of handling a vehicle whose license plate it cannot read. There are situations where you may have a hidden license plate and not know it. What happens if you have snow or mud covering your plate? You can`t sit at the entrance of a parking lot while a queue forms behind you and nothing happens. Thus, the barrier rises and the charging system takes care of you in a different way. You can sit there for a few minutes while the system turns out it can`t read your file, but that won`t stop you from getting to where you want to go. The gadgets are like those in the Aston MartinDB5 spy car, but while drivers use them in their own vehicles, you could get TWO years in jail if caught, saying that anyone caught with license plate covers could get up to two years in prison.