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Case databases allow you to identify and locate cases relevant to your research. They may provide case citations, information about the case, the cases cited in the case, subsequent review of the case, journal articles or case notes on the case, the legislation being considered by the case, and access to the full judgment. Resources for legal research and writing. Develop your skills to study and work. Find legal texts, magazine articles, news, multimedia, social media and more. Librarians can help you with research for your mission, research and evaluation of resources, use of databases, citation and referencing. Find extrinsic files and documents using official websites and databases. Was the case heard by a full court or by a single judge? Log in | Advanced search | Electronic journals from A to Z | Databases A-Z Was the case written in secondary sources, such as textbooks or leading journal articles? Was the case pursued, approved or subsequently implemented? Is it still a “good law”? Use the following checklist to select cases that might be useful for your research. You should always go to the full case and read it. If the case is relevant to the issue in question, look at the keywords above in the case. In which court was the case heard? Has he appealed? Look for the decision of the highest court. Current and unreported cases can be found on AustLII.

Note that these use a medium neutral citation (MTC) instead of citations from legal reports. A multinational consists of the year of the judgment in square brackets, the abbreviation for the Court of Justice and a sequential judgment number. For example: [2010] VSC 13 We are here to support the students and staff of Monash Law. For more resources, visit our International and Foreign Law page. Names of parties = R (complainant) v Fitchett (respondent) (appeal case) Year of Law Report/Judgment = Report on Bill 2009 Volume = 23 Legislative Report Series = RV (Victorian Reports) Home Page Number = 91 Has the case been reported and is there an authorized version?. To find a case, you need to identify what the case quote means. For example: Take a virtual tour of the law library, Clayton Campus.