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Niche Legal Practice Areas

Developing a niche law firm allows you to be more competent and prudent in your representation – two of the most important principles of the Code of Ethics. Not only are you in a better position to know the law like the back of your hand, but niche practice helps minimize distractions and prioritize so you can better serve your customers. RH: When I launched Radiance IP Law in 2016, we marketed our services in the form of trademarks, copyrights and commercial agreements. At the end of 2019/beginning of 2020, we started marketing ourselves as a trademark law firm. Our sales doubled this year and continued to increase significantly. As they say, wealth is in niches. Stand out from the thousands of lawyers looking for a job. Learn best practices and tips for using your online presence to attract legal recruiters. In my book The Game Changing Attorney, I write that if you can pick your goal and narrow it down to a specialized area of expertise, you can gain a competitive advantage, become more credible, and ultimately be more profitable. Most junior partners in law firms work on a variety of transactional, regulatory or procedural matters.

As employees progress and progress in the business, they can determine if there is an area of practice they want to focus on. Developing a niche could be a type of law (such as employment or criminal defense), a specific industry (such as energy or insurance), or even a specific law or legal concern (such as privacy or the law on foreign corrupt practices). Hume, a generalist litigator, believes his time at Cooper & Kirk — as well as his early career as an accountant — gave him some appreciation of the niche. “No matter the scope of your practice, if you research carefully enough and have a good understanding of the law, you can find those niches and make them your own,” Hume said. Once you think you`ve identified your legal niche (or niches), you should test to see if your idea gets picked up. Set up a quick PPC campaign, do some social media marketing, and write a few blog posts on niche topics to see if they get traction. But don`t overdo it – for example: instead of redesigning your entire website, create a few unique landing pages that focus on your newly discovered areas of expertise. Network with other lawyers in your niche of choice to get advice and learn more about their experiences. Use these tips to fine-tune your strategy to attract customers to get you started. Becoming a lawyer in a particular practice area doesn`t just benefit you in terms of attracting clients.

Other lawyers may refer cases that fall within your area of expertise, and the media will likely contact you as an expert in the field. Finding (or “shrinking”) your niche area of law only means specialization, and consumers expect it today. Instead of going to a department store to buy shoes, they go to a website aimed at marathon runners. And they don`t buy their empanadas at the supermarket either. Lawyers and law firms that choose practice niches attach importance to developing expertise for clients with specific needs. They also believe that focusing on a specific demographic allows for accurate marketing that can increase sales. Legal practice is a competitive field. This usually requires a concerted effort to increase visibility and profile. Some lawyers try to increase their visibility by writing articles on a nuanced or relevant topic, either to entice potential clients to research the topic online or to add credentials to a lawyer`s profile. Teaching continuing legal education courses on a specific topic is another way for lawyers to sometimes present their knowledge on a topic to a wider audience.

It`s easier to cook a good breakfast if you`re only making eggs. Practicing multiple areas of law is like trying to cook eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, French toast and potatoes at the same time. It is difficult to concentrate, which reduces efficiency, productivity and effectiveness. By limiting your personal injury practice to a few niches, your business can truly thrive. It`s easier to get back to people, meet deadlines, and effectively represent your clients for their legal issues. What niche legal services are clients looking for in your market? What trends are emerging that could benefit you? Technology opens up new avenues for lawyers to explore faster than ever, provided they know where to look. As an example, consider that just a few years ago, the widespread use of drones at home and at work was a science fiction fantasy. This development has been accompanied by a plethora of legal issues. LP: Clients want their lawyers to be specialized and experienced in dealing with their pain points. They tend to work with lawyers who understand their problem or opportunity and have experience in accompanying clients through this process.

It is a real differentiating factor in many areas. “Wealth is in niches, as the saying goes,” said TenHoor, who has placed lawyers in areas such as medical device approval, compliance with drug manufacturing regulations and protecting medical records. “These lawyers thrive because they are known to be the go-to people in their field.” “People didn`t understand why I wanted to focus on interference,” Modi said. However, it turned out that understanding the interference, as well as the other areas he focused on, gave Modi an edge over the other lawyers who appeared before the PTAB, because although the rules for AEOI trials were new when the PTAB was created in 2012, the philosophy behind the interference formed the basis of the PTAB`s rules for proceedings under the AEOI. Instead, go for a name that communicates what you`re doing — New York Personal Injury Experts, Denver Divorce Law, and things like that. Naming your practice based on what you`re actually doing is a great way to differentiate yourself and is easier to remember. The reality is that the more areas of law you claim to practice, the less authoritarian you will become and the more opportunities you will miss. LP: We always want to help our lawyers make themselves known and be very focused in their approach.

One of our partners had the foresight (over ten years ago) to start a corporate divorce practice focused on business separations and related litigation. Developing a corporate divorce blog for this practice has led to countless opportunities and customer gains. Radiance Hall (HR): A niche law firm focuses on a specific field of business or industry. No matter what area of law you practice in, every lawyer must have a deep empathy for their clients and their needs. Customers are often confused and nervous when dealing with something they don`t know. The main areas of law that are developing are cybersecurity, cannabis, labour, ancient law, energy, intellectual property and health. As employees develop, they should consider whether a chosen area of practice is one that the practitioner enjoys, but also one that has the potential for achievable growth. Sometimes there are geographical factors that can impact a niche practice. For example, intellectual property lawyers who appear primarily before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board may find that they are better served if they choose to practice in the Washington, D.C. area. A niche practice allows for greater synergy.

Since all your business has a common connection, you can focus your energy on a common goal, which translates into a more efficient, productive, and streamlined workflow for your business and a greater focus on your customers. The job of a search engine is to provide the user with the most relevant results, which means that a website that focuses on a niche is more likely to be served to the right people. This particular area of law is unique in that older lawyers are more involved in the client`s day-to-day affairs – such as elder care – and in dealing with important legal issues such as drafting wills. Because of these ongoing, long-term relationships with clients, this area of law requires a high degree of empathy and patience to meet the sensitive physical and emotional needs of seniors. Dual specialization as a niche company can be an effective way to become a recognized expert in your field and offer deep expertise in your industry. Determining your area of interest is part art and part science, so it takes some finesse to understand your specific practice and where opportunities may be found to find your niche. Creating CLE requires creativity and listening to the legal instinct cultivated and forged during law school and your legal career, but it also requires the use of skills beyond those honed in a “normal” legal career. GPs have to compete with other GPs and also specialists.

But if you do have a niche, sometimes you don`t have to compete with anyone. Data analytics firm Palantir had developed a successful product that it sold to the private sector and wanted to sell to the government. But the government`s policy was to develop its own solutions from scratch, rather than buying products that were already in commercial markets. Palantir was a client of Boies Schiller, who was looking for a litigator with knowledge of this niche of law. SR: It`s only in my own experience, attending (or better yet, exhibiting) your niche salon or related conferences as a lawyer can do wonders for your brand and acquire leads for your practice.