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Words to Use Instead of Legal System

The formal process by which a court case is initiated Legal liability for causing damage or injury, or for paying for a fact or set of facts sufficient to warrant legal action The process by which a place returns to a former owner or government lawyer The process of reviewing a case before the courts and making a decision, Whether someone is guilty or innocent. When a case is brought before the courts, it is brought before the courts and the person accused of a crime is tried (= appears in court) to bring a case before the court. This type of action is also called legal act The words rule and law are synonymous, but differ in nuances. In particular, the rule applies to more limited or specific situations. legalAmerican provides a list of cases awaiting legal review by a court the methods established for dealing with cases before the courts legally to use evidence and documents in court, mainly British in relation to the period of a civil proceeding between the official commencement of the case and its end. The adjective interlocutory is more commonly used in the United States. If a lawsuit or case is well-founded, a court considers it good enough to be heard on the principle that judges should base their judicial decisions on written laws and precedents without regard to their personal and political opinions. an official statement in which a judge states that he or she does not agree with the other judges in a legal matter legally a regular trip by a judge to hear court cases in one of the courts in a given region is legally something promised or given by one party in exchange for something promised or given by another party, Giving someone property or property rights An old-fashioned and vexatious lawsuit has no other purpose than to annoy the situation where one person is held legally liable for the actions of another person, for example, when an employer is responsible for the actions of an employee. Vicarious liability is often referred to as secondary employer liability. a written request or question from a party to a dispute to which the other party must respond.

An interrogation is now generally referred to as a request for additional information. natural, divine, general or canonical). Legal to avoid or prevent loud or violent behavior in public In some situations, the words are legitimate and legal roughly equivalent. However, legitimate may refer to a right or legal status, but also, in the case of extensive use, to a right or status supported by tradition, custom or recognized norms. The practice of basing legal decisions on decisions in previous cases The words command and law can be used in similar contexts, but regulation usually suggests something deliberative rather than mandatory, usually communicated through teaching. a court case in which someone is tried by a jury (= a group of ordinary people selected for this purpose) an act that harms someone and for which you can be held legally liable, although it is not a crime or a right under a contract to say that a legal agreement or obligation is now legally liable under a certain law Dehumanization labeled stereotypes and marginalizes people instead of supporting them as they rebuild their lives. Those involved in the justice system are not defined by their conviction history. The words we use to refer to people should reflect their full identity and recognize their ability to change and grow. If a court decision is objectionable, a court or other authority may be asked to change the words legal and legal may be used in similar contexts, but legal applies to strict compliance with the provisions of the law and applies in particular to what is regulated by law. legally liable for causing damage or injury to a particular person, so you must pay them the correct way of dealing with any legal proceedings or other legal matter which ensures that the rights of the people of England and Wales are protected, an appeal which goes directly from the High Court to the Supreme Court and neglects the Court of Appeal`s legal damage to your reputation, Someone`s career or feelings or something legal Actions that are usually taken in court to legally settle a legal issue in order to formally tell someone that you intend to do something Some common synonyms of legal are legal, legitimate, and legal. Although all of these words mean “in accordance with the law,” the law refers to what is sanctioned by law or in accordance with the law, especially when written or administered by the courts. The legal money that a person involved in a lawsuit must give to help pay the lawyers and the court, usually after legally losing the case, to give someone something like property or rights legally a legal case given to a lawyer to prepare and then argue in court a situation, In lawyers, doctors and other professionals, it is legally allowed to keep their conversations with people secret legally If the property reverts to its former owner, it is returned to this owner dishonest encouragement, especially by a lawyer, to start a vexatious legal battle (= legal action with no other purpose than to cause trouble) someone who is legally assigned a right or responsibility Today, There are approximately two million people incarcerated in U.S.

prisons and the prison system. People with criminal histories are identified in a number of dehumanizing labels such as “detainees,” “criminals,” “prisoners,” “convicts,” “delinquents,” “criminals,” and “offenders.” Even after people have served their prison sentences and returned to the community, these labels often follow. Terms such as “ex-inmates”, “ex-prisoners”, “ex-offenders”, “ex-offenders” and “ex-offenders” are used to categorize and stigmatize those affected by the criminal justice system. legal for the first time that a court case is heard in a court, a meeting of a court or an official body to discover the facts about something that is used to refer to the process of initiating legal proceedings against someone that relates to a person`s refusal or that consists of doing something that he or she is legally required to do, for example, maintaining an agreement or paying a debt English version of the Thesaurus of Legal Proceedings and Legal Proceedings the fact that you can have your case tried by a court a principle that allows a person to obtain the benefit of a given promise, even if a legally binding contract does not exist in England and Wales, Someone, who in the past has often brought people to court just to cause trouble. A person considered a vexatious litigant must obtain permission from a judge to initiate new legal proceedings. a lawsuit brought by a woman against a man to establish that he is the father of her child and therefore responsible for financial support a court case organized by a group of people who all have the same problem a system in which the government pays for people to seek advice on the law or be represented in court, If they do not have enough money for journalism, it is a legal matter or a political issue that interests many people and on which the Americans plead a legal case, the result of which will be used as a model for similar cases in the future, mainly British the process of providing evidence and other documents to people involved in a legal case.